Clean Bathroom Walls Tips

Dirt and grime build up on the bathroom walls. Overspray of toiletries such as deodorants, perfumes and hairspray can form on the walls. brushing hair down sometimes adheres to the walls.

Moisture can add additional layer adhesion to the walls and mold formation. Wash your bathroom walls regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt and fungus growth. Check for mold or dirt on the curtains and shower curtains in the bathroom before cleaning the walls.

Clean Bathroom Walls Tips

Remove if necessary, and wash while walls are being scrubbed. Clear out any other bathroom obstructions near walls, such as waste baskets, toilet scrubbers and hanging towels. Wear older clothes when cleaning, bleach may splash and discolor clothing.

Open windows for proper ventilation. Fill bucket with warm water. Add about ½ cup of bleach, do not splash bleach and water.

Use caution when using mixture as bleach can burn and damage eyes. Fill sink or bathtub with bleach and water solution if bucket is not available. Put on plastic cleaning gloves to protect your skin from bleach.

Submerge large sponge into water or bleach mixture. Use mop for large wall areas. Start from top corner of one wall, and wash walls working from top to bottom.

Rinse sponge on regular basis. Use scrubbing brush with tough bristles if walls are tiled. Scrub grout with toothbrush to remove mold and mildew in small areas.

Clean wall corners near bathtub with cotton balls dipped in bleach. Place cotton balls in corner before cleaning remaining walls. bleach will saturate corners.

Remove cotton balls. Use cotton swabs to remove any remaining mildew.

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How to Clean Bathroom Walls Tips

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