Clean Air Conditioner Drain Lines

Water leakage can occur with air conditioners, if drain line is clogged. However, you can prevent leakage of air conditioning, which can damage plants, other surfaces or air conditioning itself, by cleaning drain line in air conditioner regularly. Some repair supplies basic housing, such as wet / dry vacuum and air can condensate are necessary to clean drain supply air conditioning.

You can purchase these tools in any home repair store or hardware. Turn off air conditioning and unplug it from local power grid. Locate end of drain hose air conditioning hose and connect wet / dry vacuum.

Clean Air Conditioner Drain Lines

Run vacuum to remove dirt or debris from hose. Locate drain line inside air conditioner, near drain pan. Use compressed air can to blow air through hose to remove dirt and debris from front of hose.

Consider pouring 1/2 cup of household bleach through line if excessively dirty. Use garden hose to spray drain hose and clean hose of any remaining material, dirt or debris. While spraying hose, examine hose for any possible leaks.

If you used bleach in step 3, rinse with water you don’t detect scent of bleach. Turn water off when finished. Attach wet/dry vacuum to drain hose and turn on to remove any excess water.

Reconnect drain hose. Wipe down hose and surfaces inside air conditioner with clean, dry cloth.

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How to Clean Air Conditioner Drain Lines

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