Clean Air Conditioner Compressor Fins

The air conditioning compressor is large outdoor unit of central air system. compressor has top cover and flaps covering sides. Over time, fins can become clogged with dirt, leaves and other debris.

This will decrease efficiency of air conditioner and can even make it run hot. annual cleaning of fins ensure compressor operates efficiently throughout year. Turn off air conditioner and then disconnect power supply to unit at circuit breaker.

Clean Air Conditioner Compressor Fins

Locate screws holding grill on top of air conditioner. Remove screws with screwdriver and remove top grill cover. Pull out any leaves or debris stuck in fins.

Brush outside of fins with soft-bristled scrub brush to remove dirt and dust. Attach brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner hose. Vacuum outside of fins with brush attachment.

Cover electrical components of air conditioner, including motor, with large plastic bag. Spray inside of fins with garden hose that has spray nozzle. This will remove any remaining dirt clogging compressor fins.

Let fins dry before removing plastic bag and reattaching top grill.

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How to Clean Air Conditioner Compressor Fins

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