Clean Aerator on Kitchen or Bathroom Sink Faucet

You can always tell when it’s time to clean the aerator in the kitchen or bathroom sink. the water begins to gush out of the tap or irregularly. It might even experience small stream of water directly from the aerator side shot.

Then you know there is some dust on the aerator. Mineral deposits and small stones stuck in the aerator aerator screen obstruction and not allow water to flow smoothly through. aerator cleaning is quick and easy.

Clean Aerator on Kitchen or Bathroom Sink Faucet

Fill small bowl with vinegar. You will need enough vinegar in bowl to cover aerator. Put stopper in sink.

This is just in case you happen to drop any parts of aerator. You do not want them going down into drain of sink. Remove aerator from faucet.

This part is just screwed on to faucet so you should be able to easily remove it. Minerals may have caked on aerator, however, and it may take little gentle persuasion to get it off. If that is case take small rag or washcloth and wrap it around aerator.

cloth will prevent you from scratching surface of aerator. Then take your vise grips or pliers and gently twist it off. Place aerator in bowl with vinegar making sure that vinegar covers aerator.

aerator is made up of small screen, frame that holds screen, and rubber washer. In most instances you will not have to take aerator apart to clean it. However, if you do need to take it apart or if it comes apart as you are cleaning it don’t worry, it can easily be put together.

screen goes into frame and then washer goes next. Then, unit fits into metal or chrome housing that you just unscrewed from faucet. Soak aerator in vinegar for several hours.

You will notice that minerals are easily removed after soaking. If need be, you can scrub outside of aerator with tooth brush to get any remaining minerals off. By doing visual inspection of aerator you will be able to tell if it is now clear of any debris.

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How to Clean Aerator on Kitchen or Bathroom Sink Faucet

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