choose Solar Electric Panels

Installing solar power panels, sometimes known as photovoltaic or PV panels, reduces energy costs of your home by converting unused attic or yard to produce electricity. Whether you want to install it myself or want instead to employ contractors to plan, solar system for your home elaboration is necessary step. If you build the system itself, you have to plan to select your disks and to build the system.

If you pay contractor to do work for you, plan the creation and selection panels gives you a clear idea of ​​what to expect. Factor other home repair and maintenance projects for medium-term future in the solar panel plans, as this could affect the panel type you choose. Silicon-based panels are most effective, but if your roof need again in the near future shingles, choosing film solar shingles, you can kill two birds with one stone.

choose Solar Electric Panels

Establish power needs your solar panels must meet in terms of watts by listing what devices panels will power and determining what total daily power demand for each device is. In kitchen, refrigerator typically consumes 725 watts per hour, 24 hours day, for total of 17.4 kilowatt-hours. coffeemaker, however, might consume 1,000 watts, but only see 15 or 20 minutes worth of use for total of .250 to .333 kwh.

Calculate for every appliance, electrical device and light fixture in house, and add results. Determine where you want to install your solar panels. In United States, sun follows southward path, so for best results your panels must be in shade-free area facing south. Only part of your roof fits this description, and you may or may not have suitable yard space for panels.

Calculate dimensions of your solar panel area by measuring length and width. Research available solar panel types through catalogs and online retailers, and sketch on paper how your solar panel system might look with different panels and different configurations. Two rows of mid-sized panels might prove better fit and produce more power than one row of large panels.

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How to choose Solar Electric Panels

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