Choose Laminate Flooring for Bathrooms

Laminate flooring in the bathroom is ideal because it requires little maintenance and comes in many styles and colors. But you want to choose laminate flooring with impermeable layers, or that it will replace its soil after a short period of time. Determine look you are going for.

measure your bathroom and map your route to decide whether to go for the straight edge look or prefer their soil or angled design. View your style and color options. Laminate flooring can come in various styles of tile, stone – some aspect of grout between the pieces – and wood.

Choose Laminate Flooring for Bathrooms

Laminate wood flooring comes in dozens of grain and color patterns. Because laminate flooring is tongue-and-groove installation process, you can choose between two colors and combine them as long as manufacturer and products are same. Narrow your selection down.

Make sure choices of laminate flooring you’re considering are appropriate for bathroom installation. Not all laminate flooring is waterproof or moisture resistant. Check manufacturer’s recommendations for guidance as to bathroom suitability.

Bring sample laminate flooring pieces home. This way, you can see how samples look in your bathroom against your toilet, bathtub and walls. Turn lights off and on and view sample flooring in both day-time and night-time hours.

Check into warranties. Manufacturers may only honor their money-back guarantees if you follow proper installation procedures. These may include using glue between pieces of flooring to make certain that moisture cannot seep into sub floor, as well as placing sealing coat onto sub floor before final floor installation.

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How to Choose Laminate Flooring for Bathrooms

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