Choose Bathroom Exhaust Fan

bathroom exhaust fans do more than remove odors from your home. They also eliminate moisture and bathroom ventilation through the roof to the outside. This removal of moisture is essential to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in the house.

Although the bathroom exhaust fans are available in a variety of designs, there are more important things to consider when selecting one, as the size of the bathroom and the noise produced by the fan things. Determine the correct size exhaust air required for bathing by determining exchange of room air flow. For this use the following formula using measuring length x width x height bath.

Choose Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Divide number by 7.5. resulting number is minimum cubic feet per minute CPM of air exchange that is needed for bathroom. This number is listed on fan’s box.

Decide how quiet you want fan to be. sound rating of bathroom fans is measured in SONES and is displayed on exhaust fan box. For example, 4.0 SONES equals sound of television, 0.5 SONES equals sound of rustling leaves.

Decide what other features exhaust fan should have. Some additional features include lights or heating elements. Decide what type of decorative look fan should have. This is based solely on personal preference and decor of bathroom.

However, more decorative fan, higher price.

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How to Choose Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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