Choose baby Formula

There was time when choosing baby formula was as simple as picking up can on shelf. However, times have changed dramatically. Today there are many options for those in market for baby formula.

Here are some tips to help guide you through labels and ingredients. See FDA website. When choosing infant formula, you can be sure that all infant formulas are manufactured under strict FDA guidelines.

Choose baby Formula

FDA has provided lower limits and upper limits for all nutrients, vitamins and minerals for baby formulas. If you have questions about whether your choice meets these guidelines, check FDA website and compare label to listing provided. Ask your pediatrician.

Pediatricians often have favorite formulas they will suggest to parents. These formulas may be more easily digested by baby, or cause fewer allergic reactions. Also, if your baby has possible allergy to milk or soy, pediatrician will be able to guide you toward alternative baby formula.

Choose method. There are three styles of baby formula, powder, liquid concentrate and ready to feed. powder formulas are often most convenient due to portability of powder.

concentrate needs to be refrigerated after opening and ready to feed, is often more expensive than any other baby formula. Choosing which style is right for you and your baby is, most often, trial and error situation. We hope the information on How to Choose baby Formula is helpful to you.

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How to Choose baby Formula

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