Charge Laptop Battery With Solar Power

If you are traveling with your laptop computer, you can not always have access to grid connection. If you have your computer must also be used, although no direct power is available, you can connect laptop solar charger. Charger can add power to your laptop battery by means of sun.

laptop chargers come in a variety of formats, ranging from pads you built into your computer in page to insert actual laptop bags with solar panels. Rollout charger, so that it is exposed to the most amount of sunlight. more sunlight available, faster battery standard fee is charged takes about five hours.

Charge Laptop Battery With Solar Power

If you are using laptop case that absorbs solar power, lay case flat with solar panels facing sun. Power down laptop computer. laptop will not charge while it is still powered on.

If using laptop solar charger, leave laptop in case. Plug adapter cable running out of laptop battery solar charger into AC port on side of laptop. exact location of adapter on solar charger varies.

If you are using roll out panel, adapter is connected to one of corners, however, if you are using case, adapter is typically on interior of case. Remove adapter cable from computer when you want to use computer again. It is alright if you leave adapter connected to laptop after charge has finished.

It is not going to damage or overheat computer.

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