Change Color of Your Bathroom Tiles

Color outdated bathroom tiles can be easily changed with paint. Proper preparation of the surface of the tile and careful selection of paint will make this do-it-yourself successful project. wetlands in the bath require two-part epoxy paint to prevent peeling and wear shock or sitting water, but other areas of tiles can receive color change using simple painting oil-based enamel.

From painting reveal any irregular or defective tile surface is applied to, it is important to make all repairs before changing the color of the tile. Tile identify areas for change color. Consider whether wetlands, such as showers, tub surrounds positions, or sink surrounds are included in the painting project.

Change Color of Your Bathroom Tiles

Choose proper paint and primer for job. Wet areas turn out best when painted with two-part epoxy paint. Floors and walls that do not receive water on continual basis can be painted using oil-based enamel paint.

need for primer will depend upon paint chosen. Visit local paint store for accurate information on paint selection. Home remodeling stores may not have personnel to thoroughly answer questions about bathroom tile painting.

Paint stores, on other hand, work directly with trade and know how to deal with such issues. Decide whether paint will be rolled or sprayed. Purchase appropriate paint and supplies for application.

Fix any pre-existing crumbling grout issues. Allow new grout to dry thoroughly per manufacturer’s instructions—generally about 48 hours.

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How to Change Color of Your Bathroom Tiles

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