Change Bathroom Tub Faucets

bathroom faucets do not last forever, whether they wear out and need replacing or simply no longer offer look you want from the hardware of your bathroom. To change your bathtub faucet, you will have to unmount same way you would to repair the leak. While each brand and model will tap slight differences in the way they are put together, taps have the same general configuration.

Turn off the water at home by closing the main water valve, usually located near the water heater. Turn to the right of the valve. Turn the bathtub faucet – hot and cold water – to release any pressure water remaining in the pipes.

Change Bathroom Tub Faucets

Turn faucet back off. Remove plastic caps from middle of faucet handles and back out screws hidden underneath. Slide handles off water valve stems or use handle puller to remove handles if they do not slide off easily.

Fit bath socket over each of valve stems, then turn socket counterclockwise until valve assemblies back completely out of water pipes. Insert seat wrench into water pipes and turn it counterclockwise until seats come free. Place pipe dope on threads of new seats, then install seats in pipes by turning them clockwise with seat wrench.

Twist new valve stems into water pipes by turning them clockwise with bath socket until they sit firmly in place. Slide handles back onto valve stems and tighten screws in middle of handles. Replace plastic caps and open house’s main water valve.

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How to Change Bathroom Tub Faucets

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