Change Bathroom Door

It is no use having well designed bathroom door if you have soda. Changing your bathroom door can provide more style. Or, you can replace the old door is damaged, deformed and is not adjusted properly.

Installing new bathroom door is somewhat complex home improvement task that takes accurate measurements. Take the old door out to remove it from its hinges. Remove the door frame to fit called jamb, with the pry bar. Another option is to cut through the nails that hold jamb to the wall with reciprocating saw blade having cutting metal.

Change Bathroom Door

Take care not to damage plaster or drywall adjacent to opening. Measure opening carefully. Purchase pre-hung door from home center that fits width you measured.

pre-hung door comes attached to jamb. Remove door from jamb because it’s easier to install jamb when door isn’t attached. You might need to cut door and jamb inch or two to fit height of your unique opening.

Set jamb in your opening and measure it to be level and plumb. Use wooden shims between jamb and wall to adjust hinge side of frame first. Drive nails through jamb and shims into wall.

Adjust shims to make jamb plumb, and measure for plumb often. If jamb isn’t straight, door won’t close properly. Check lock side for plumb, again use shims and nail it to wall.

Screw door into jamb. pre-hung door will have pre-drilled holes for screwing in hinges. Open and close door to check that it fits properly and doesn’t snag on floor.

Install doorknob with lock for bathroom, being sure lock mechanism is on inside of room. Most pre-hung doors will come with holes already drilled for installing doorknob.

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How to Change Bathroom Door

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