Change Air Conditioning Clutch

Life expectancy and general maintenance of air conditioning clutch may have much impact on life and efficiency of air conditioning system of vehicle. It is important to understand how to inspect and change air conditioning clutch your vehicle. Allow engine to cool completely before working under hood.

Disconnect battery terminal, starting with negative charge first. You need to get to compressor. electric clutch is located inside compressor.

Change Air Conditioning Clutch

entire area will have to be replaced. Use refrigerant recovery machine to recover R134-a, chemical similar to Freon, from air conditioner system. If you do not have, or can’t get refrigerant recovery machine, take vehicle to air conditioning mechanic to have them recover chemical.

This needs to be done before any of hoses are unhooked. It is dangerous if breathed in. Detach hoses connected to air conditioning and heating system.

Disconnect electric clutch wire that leads to compressor. Unhook any other items keeping compressor in car. Take it out and inspect for excessive corrosion or other damage.

Place new compressor in same place where old came out. Watch for back spacing when reinstalling clutch. This area is extremely important to maintain, as too little space can cause compressor to run consistently and clutch to burn out.

Reconnect all wiring and hoses to new compressor. Reconnect battery terminal and start vehicle to test new compressor. For electric clutch to be working properly, a/c should be on and blowing and inner hub of pulley should be turning.

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How to Change Air Conditioning Clutch

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