Celebrate Hungarian Christmas

In Hungary, children await arrival of angels and baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. After opening gifts, families enjoy festive meal and attend Mass together. San

Mikulas celebrate December 6 Remind children to put their newly polished shoes outside his door on night of Dec. 5, when St. Mikulas come and reward good children with piece of fruit and some candy. Very bad children will receive lump of coal or onion.

Celebrate Hungarian Christmas

Hide Christmas tree in separate room away from children and decorate it see How to Decorate Hungarian Christmas Tree with candy szalon cukor , candles, angel and bell on Christmas Eve. Ring bell, signaling to children that angels have brought and decorated Christmas tree and that Baby Jesus has arrived with gifts. Gather around tree holding hands and sing Angel from Heaven, or Menybol Az Angyal in Hungarian.

Open gifts from Baby Jesus.

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How to Celebrate Hungarian Christmas

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