Caulk Bathtubs

Keep bathtub caulk day can save plumbing bills. How less water behind the tub and surround, or under the bathroom floor, and all that hard. To this bath smells good without the appearance of mold problem is added, and it is well worth the effort to keep pristine bathtub caulking. Remove the old putty.

If you use utility knife, do not scratch or bath tub surround surfaces. flathead screwdriver works well, but can be ruined in the process, especially if tub surround is grouted tiles. Examine for signs of mold or mildew, which appear as discolorations to old caulk, grout or tile tub surround.

Caulk Bathtubs

Properly apply mildew and mold eradicator and wait prescribed time. Thoroughly scrub and rinse areas, then let dry entirely. Fill tub with water, so it sinks to its in-use level.

You wouldn’t want new caulk to separate when tub is used. Double-check that surfaces to be caulked are dry, wiping away any splashes. Load tube of caulk into caulking gun or get out self-applying tube of caulk.

Look at seam to be caulked and estimate how wide bead you will need. Cut caulk tube at angle to right width for your job. Holding applicator at 45 degree angle, squeeze out caulk under steady pressure while moving along seam.

Fill entire exposed seam. As necessary, wipe excess caulk from tip onto paper towels.

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