Cash Out Life Insurance Policy

If you have life insurance and not need more insurance or no longer afford premiums to need them or emergency money, you can cash out policy. Cash value life insurance is definitely worth some money while term life might or not might be worth. You may want to use money for something even cheaper to get life insurance.

As with any financial matter, beware of scams. Here are some tips on how to make the best decisions when they are trying to get money for your life insurance. Contact your life insurance company and find out cash amount your policy.

Cash Out Life Insurance Policy

This is minimum amount that you can expect to get. You should be able to get more than this minimum, but less than full death benefit on your policy. Check whether your life insurance policy includes accelerated benefits provision, and whether you qualify for it.

Call office of your State Insurance Commissioner – type in insurance commissioner followed by name of your state in Google to find contact info. Check whether life insurance settlement brokers are required to be licensed in your state. Some states don’t impose any regulations on life insurance settlement companies at all, and thus all kinds of abuses can result from that.

In addition, find out what tax laws apply to life insurance settlements in your state – some states tax them, some don’t. Get quotes from at least several life insurance settlement companies in order to get best deal. You should be able to get more than your cash surrender value.

Be very careful as there are lot of scams out there. Before you give any personal information, check with State Insurance Commissioner if there have been any complaints filed against particular company. Consider setting up consultation with financial adviser.

Cashing life insurance policy is really complicated process, and you could easily make costly mistakes. In particular, you should find out how much tax you will have to pay on settlement money. consultation fee would most likely be money well spent.

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How to Cash Out Life Insurance Policy

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