Care for Wild Baby Turtle

With increasing urban areas in size and invading land more than ever, it is becoming common to have direct interaction with local fauna. It is normal and accepted to see bird nests and rabbit burrows in backyard. More recently, however, homeowners are discovering wild turtle eggs in your yard.

Because reptiles lay their eggs and leave them to hatch on their own, wild baby turtles require care and assistance of humans to be safe while maturing enough to survive city. Establish safe habitat for baby turtles in terrarium. terrarium should be set at temperature of 75 degrees to keep warm turtle, and contain small pool with ramp to help turtle out of water.

Care for Wild Baby Turtle

Lift turtle only when absolutely necessary. Baby turtle shells are soft and extremely fragile, so it is best to avoid lifting turtle out completely, however, when it is necessary, always lift turtle with two hands in same fashion as you would hold hamburger, with four fingers of each hand on bottom of shell to offer plenty of support. Offer turtle food once each day.

Growing turtles require both fresh leafy vegetables and protein from worms. Never feed turtle worms from wild, because they tend to possess parasites, which can kill wild baby turtle. When offering turtle food, keep food in terrarium for few hours and then remove any that remains to avoid spoilage.

Do not sell wild baby turtles, as it is illegal in United States. If care of turtle becomes too demanding, consider contacting wildlife control, who can take over care of turtle and then release it into wild when it is mature enough. We hope the information on How to Care for Wild Baby Turtle is helpful to you.

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How to Care for Wild Baby Turtle

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