Care for Wheaten Terriers

It is hard to imagine that wheaten terrier, also called soft coated wheaten terrier, was originally bred as farm dog in Ireland and likes whole scene excavation and water. One of reasons wheat is not on list of 10 favorite dogs is to have hair, not skin-hair requires constant maintenance of opera diva would envy to avoid becoming tangled mess. Pay special attention to preparation.

Unless you are professional hairdresser, expect your soft coated wheaten terrier to visit one every 4 to 6 weeks. wheaten terriers have skin like most dogs have hair, and like yours or mine, which is growing all time and you can get if not unmanageable hair every day. If hair care between appointments toilet, hair of his wheat and tangles MAT is not paid, so their miserable dog and annoying barber.

Care for Wheaten Terriers

Apply flea preventative treatment every 30 days. Wheaten terriers are prone to flea allergies, which create painful skin inflammations that can only be successfully treated by veterinarian. Flea allergies can be caused by just one flea bite.

Avoid leaving Wheaten terriers outdoors for long periods of time. They do not tolerate heat well and should probably be left home during outings to beach. Be prepared to exercise your Wheaten daily.

They love to play and seem tireless, even in old age. Consider joining agility club since Wheatens tend to excel at sport. Enroll your Wheaten in obedience training early to curb natural tendencies to jump on people and bounce all around house to get attention.

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How to Care for Wheaten Terriers

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