Care for Synthetic Hairpiece

A synthetic wig or toupee is fashion statement, but it is also investing in closet, so learn how to care for your hair -. On and off the head – to keep the style, fresh and natural looking If you buy at the first synthetic wig or toupee, shake gently and knead with your fingers to make it Chaos slightly upward. This removes wiggy look.

Most wigs have adjustable tabs on the back that can be adjusted according to head size. Position wig on your head and adjust straps in the back for tight, but not uncomfortable fit. If you are using toupee or extension, use clips provided and your own hair over cropped areas, attachment to place brush with covered elastic band or scarf.

Care for Synthetic Hairpiece

Wash wig or hairpiece about once week, if you’re wearing it every day. Fill washbasin with cold water and add one capful of Woolite. Don’t use shampoo, because synthetic wigs are not hair–they’re fiber.

Woolite will clean and condition hair. Swirl hairpiece around in sudsy water for few minutes, then rinse in clear cool water until suds run out. Blot dry on towel and use wide-tooth comb to smooth out tangles.

Prop your clean, washed wig onto empty spray bottle to air dry. Don’t use wig forms, they stretch out cap and don’t let air circulate to dry. Synthetic wigs will snap back into their style, but you can use little gel or hairspray as styling aid.

Dampen with cold water to set style into place. You don’t need to use rollers on synthetic hairpiece.Remember not to use curling iron or expose your hairpiece to high temperatures such as preheated oven or fireplace as fiber will frizz.

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How to Care for Synthetic Hairpiece

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