Care for Someone With Liver Cancer

When loved one is diagnosed with liver cancer, you may need to assume role of caregiver. more you know about what to expect will be better equipped to meet this challenge. Follow these steps to get more information.

Be truthful with your loved one. No one should lose hope, but be realistic about treatment options and expected results. Open communication is key.

Care for Someone With Liver Cancer

Discuss future plans with entire family. Unexpected events will occur while you’re coping with this illness. Everyone must be flexible during treatment and recovery.

Respect that patient may not be up to entertaining. Scatter visits throughout day and week according to patient’s wishes. Talk about financial issues.

The person diagnosed with cancer may be main provider for family, so find out whether he or she has private insurance or is entitled to disability insurance from government agency. Know your own limitations. Many caregivers experience burnout as result of long hours and emotional challenges associated with caring for cancer patient.

You must have support network in place. Others must assume your physical tasks on occasion, and you will need someone to provide emotional support as well.

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How to Care for Someone With Liver Cancer

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