Care for Gotz Doll’s Hair

Gotz dolls have very manageable hair type for collectible dolls. Hair is rooted in doll head for a long life and can bear children rough combing and brushing without excessive shedding. Doll’s hair retains shine and softness to the doll is machine washed.

tangles can occur, but are removable if matting is not significant. Although doll is fairly robust, take care not to damage their hair. Here technology is gentle for your Gotz doll’s hair to worry.

Care for Gotz Doll’s Hair

Detangle Gotz doll’s hair whenever it gets messy. Always detangle doll’s hair before brushing to prevent stretching hair. To detangle, divide doll’s hair into four sections.

Spray first section with water. With doll comb, begin detangling at ends with short, careful strokes up to roots. Once tangles are removed, comb entire section from roots to ends. Repeat on remaining three sections.

When doll’s hair is tangle-free, you can safely brush her hair. Brush doll’s hair daily. Gotz doll hair generally does not tangle as much as other doll brands.

However, regular brushing will prevent occasional tangle or mat. With metal-bristle doll brush, gently brush doll’s hair in sections. Once all hair is smooth, brush it with normal strokes and style as desired.

With metal-bristle brush, you can brush wet or dry hair. Keep doll’s hair in braid in between styling sessions for general playtime. You’ll have less matting—and detangling sessions.

Wash doll’s hair with mild shampoo. Gotz doll hair is strong enough to be washed in mild laundry detergent. However, doll’s hair will stay softer if you wash it in mild shampoo between machine washes.To shampoo and condition her hair, place hand towel around doll’s cloth body to keep it dry.

Hold doll upright in sink and wet doll’s hair with warm water. Apply dime-size amount of mild shampoo to hair. Work shampoo through her hair for 1 minute.

Rinse shampoo completely out of her hair. Wrap second hand towel around her hair and gently squeeze out excess water. Spray leave-in conditioner into her hair.

Comb her hair to distribute conditioner evenly. Stand doll upright with doll stand and let her hair hang loose to air-dry overnight. Protect Gotz doll’s hair when you machine-wash her.

Tie her hair back with snag-free elastic or place hair net on her hair to prevent tangling. Remember to place entire doll in lingerie bag to protect her vinyl limbs during washing. After washing, spray leave-in conditioner in her hair for softness and manageability.

Find doll hair net at doll specialty shop, or cut regular hair net to right size. You can use any snag-free elastic or lingerie bag available at most grocery and drug stores.

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How to Care for Gotz Doll’s Hair

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