Care for Feet When You Have Diabetes

Taking care of your feet properly is very important when you have diabetes. In fact, daily foot care staff is known to be most important action person with diabetes can take to avoid amputation. Wash your feet every day, and use your elbow to check water temperature.

When you have diabetes, can sometimes cause fingers and toes lose their ability to detect temperature. Entering shower or bath that is too hot can cause burns. Avoid soaking your feet for long periods as this can over-dry skin.

Care for Feet When You Have Diabetes

Sit down and thoroughly dry your feet with soft towel after washing, paying special attention to dry between toes. Inspect your feet closely for changes in toenails, and look for redness, swelling or tenderness of feet and toes. These are signs of potential trouble, and should be reported to your healthcare provider right away.

If you have trouble seeing your feet, you can use hand mirror to check bottoms of your feet, or ask family member to help you. Apply lotion to tops and bottom of feet. Avoid applying lotion in between toes, as this can cause excess moisture to form, creating greater potential for infection.

Inspect and feel around inside your shoes before putting them on. Look for any debris or rough surfaces that could cause injury when wearing shoes. To protect your feet, avoid going barefoot.

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How to Care for Feet When You Have Diabetes

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