Care for Black Natural Hair

Care for natural black hair right way is with healthy curls and coils are paying off, if your hair short afro or hanging over the back is. Make sure that you treat this fragile hair type, so that they can thrive. With gentle styling practices and basic daily care, black hair in its natural, undirected state can be healthy and beautiful.

Shampoo and condition hair once a week with developing products for dry hair. Clean hair in the shower to work downwardly directed movement of the water with shampoo in her hair. Concentrate on the scalp purifying triturated with balls of your fingers.

Care for Black Natural Hair

Detangle hair when it’s wet and saturated with conditioner. Use wide-tooth comb for detangling. Begin at bottom of hair and work your way toward roots until all tangles are combed out.

Use natural products like jojoba oil, rosemary oil, and shea butter for moisturizing. You can massage oils into your scalp if you like. Concentrate moisturizers on ends of hair, which are usually driest areas.

Brush hairline smooth with soft brush. Brushes with firm plastic or nylon bristles are hard on black hair, so use natural-bristle brush. Twist or braid hair at night if it’s long enough.

This helps prevent tangles and makes it easier to style hair in morning.

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How to Care for Black Natural Hair

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