Care for Baby Turtles

Baby turtles can be beautiful pets, but we must work to ensure that your environment is perfect. Fortunately, many of materials you need to make home for turtle are inexpensive and may already be in your home. Find container for turtle to live.

If you have glass aquarium, which would work perfectly. If you do not have glass aquarium, plastic bucket would work well. Pour into container ground about 2 inches deep.

Care for Baby Turtles

Keep in mind to leave about one-fourth of bottom free of soil in order to make room for small pool. Make gradual incline in soil to ensure that it’s easy for turtle to crawl out of water. Pack soil down.

Pour water into area you set aside for pool. depth of water depends on how big turtle is. water should be no deeper than turtle is long.

For example, if turtle is 1 inch long, be sure water is no more than 1 inch deep. Change water whenever you notice film forming on top of it. Sprinkle stones throughout container.

Put some along water and in other random spots. Put two large chunks of tree bark in container in such way that turtle can hide behind it. Turtles like interesting environment, but do not make it too cluttered.

Place lamp over container as heat source. Turtles are cold-blooded, so they need this heat to survive. You should also place container near window that gets plenty of sun.

Sunlight is necessary for production of vitamin D. We hope the information on How to Care for Baby Turtles is helpful to you.

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How to Care for Baby Turtles

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