Care for Baby Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are popular among pet owners because of their bright colors and manageable size. Like any pet, if you are lucky enough to purchase their corn snake like baby, you can help shape your personality through manipulation and often gives adequate attention from beginning. Provide your corn snake with safe enclosure.

While they are small, corn snakes do not require much space. Some owners choose corn snake to shelter their baby corn snakes in containers of plastic shoes with holes drilled in container. site security is most important of first house of corn snake.

Care for Baby Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are excellent escape artists and you could have tough time finding your tiny companion if it gets out. Heat one side of your baby corn snake’s enclosure to 80 to 85 degrees F. Your snake is cold-blooded and doesn’t produce its own body heat, so it needs warm spot to bask.

Play with your baby corn snake. If you want your snake to be friendly, it’s extremely important to spend time each day handling it. Let snake slither between your fingers.

Be careful not to drop it. Keep your baby corn snake away from other pets. Dogs and cats might view newest member of your family as toy and other reptiles will likely see your baby corn snake as dinner.

Offer your baby corn snake 1 pinky mouse week. Give your snake time to digest its meal before handling it or it could regurgitate its food. Keep clean water in cage at all times.

Make sure it’s not so deep your baby corn snake could get in trouble when it submerges itself. We hope the information on How to Care for Baby Corn Snakes is helpful to you.

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How to Care for Baby Corn Snakes

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