Calculate Watts Needed for Solar Panels

If you are planning to go on your boat green, solar panels to charge your deep cycle battery probably do space on your list occupy. Sizing solar panel for the needs of your boat requires you to calculate power, the solar panel must be gentle produce battery charge – a trickle charge. This means power sources on the boat and how much power is consumed to know for each device or device.

Make inventory, with pencil and paper, from everything that used on the boat, the electricity from the sensors in wheel pump bilge. As the list, the record number of watts each element are used. Watts will be located on manufacturer’s label is displayed in the model and serial numbers for equipment and sometimes indicated with letters W, as in 100W.

Calculate Watts Needed for Solar Panels

If no wattage is shown, record amps, sometimes indicated by letter A, as in 1 A. If device or appliance lists only amps, record number of volts device uses, also listed on manufacturer’s plate. Convert amps to watts by multiplying, with calculator, number of amps of current device uses by number of volts. If 12-volt device shows it uses 2 amps, then 12 by 2 = 24 watts. Estimate how many hours each of these devices will run draw on your battery in typical day.

If you have stereo that uses 24 watts of electricity 12 volts by 2 amps = 24 watts , and you run it 3 hours day, that’s 72 watt-hours of electricity. Add up all watt-hours of electricity devices and appliances on your boat uses. If you have light that uses 60 watt-hours, stereo that uses 72 watt-hours and your instruments use 10 watt-hours, total is 142 watt-hours in typical day.

Divide total watt-hours your boat uses by 5. If you use solar panels, this is number of hours per day you have to recharge your batteries to maintain full charge. In this example, 142 or 5 = 28.4 watts, so 30-watt panel would be sufficient.

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How to Calculate Watts Needed for Solar Panels

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