Calculate Solar Power Potential

The thinking of the solar panel array installation Electricity Find out produce, how many kilowatts can produce it and at what price, anywhere in USA, use by the Department of Energy free online solar potential calculator, IMBY. You will get unbiased answers to these fundamental questions, as well as the expected energy bill savings and payback period of the project. Use IMBY to model your solar project, get on their economic use, and produce to use estimates when the talk to contractors or suppliers.

Open IMBY computer see References. It has Google map of the United States in the left pane, and three tabs to be right in the Options area, the location marked, solar and wind. On Location tab enter property address.

Calculate Solar Power Potential

Click Find Button to open aerial image of property, identified by green stick pin, in map pane. Back in Options panel, select Solar as energy type, which opens Solar tab. Click Solar tab’s Draw button.

Now hover your mouse cursor over property. Mouse-click once to establish solar array’s first corner. small blue circle will surround cursor’s point.

With cursor draw light-blue line and stop with click where you want to fix array’s second corner. From this point, draw second, angled line to where you want third corner. Again, click to fix point.

Repeat to make fourth corner.

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How to Calculate Solar Power Potential

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