Calculate Solar Panel Efficiency

An increasingly popular green-friendly feature that homeowners have for several years to acquire an addition of solar panels to generate electricity at home. Adding row of solar panels on the roof or in the garden requires initial investment, but in the long run it could be you a lot of money and help the environment. To ensure that this investment would be worthwhile for you, you can calculate your solar panel efficiency.

Calculate your solar panel area. Solar panels work by solar energy recharge and is converted into electricity. Total area of ​​the solar panels will amount usable electricity you determine can generate from solar energy.

Calculate Solar Panel Efficiency

To calculate area of your solar panels, use meter stick to measure length and width of area where you wish to put your solar panels. Multiply your length measurement by your width measurement. This will give you solar panel area in meters.

Use Average Daily Solar Radiation Per Month chart put together by National Renewable Energy Laboratory to find your kilowatt per hour estimate. Use map key to find out daily kilowatt per hour estimate for your area. This number represents amount of kilowatt hours you can expect to produce per squared meter each day, based on monthly averages.

Multiple your daily kilowatt per hour estimate with solar panel area calculated in step one. This number is amount of kilowatt hours you can expect to receive from your solar panels on daily basis. Compare estimated daily kilowatt hours created by your solar panels with your daily kilowatt hours used.

Take look at recent energy bill to see how many kilowatt hours you are using on average daily. Compare that number to amount of kilowatt hours day your solar panels would create. If you are creating majority of your kilowatt hours with your solar panels, they are working efficiently.

If you would still be purchasing majority of your energy from your energy company, then estimated area of solar panels is not that efficient for your energy needs.

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