Calculate Environmental Offsets of Solar Energy

Carbon dioxide CO2 avoidance is most common metrics to calculate environmental offsets and is fundamental to the concept of emissions trading. Scientists calculate environmental offsets of solar energy by fossil fuel emissions to determine it eliminates certain period. Each tradable emission corresponds to prevention of 1.1 tonnes or 1 tonne of CO2 or equivalent, according to the United Nations.

solar companies EnviroMission estimates that producing clean energy in the United States per megawatt, US 1.1 tons of greenhouse gas emissions are avoided. Find tip or maximum current rating for solar project. Look at solar panel for his performance.

Calculate Environmental Offsets of Solar Energy

Or ask project installer for this information. peak electricity rating is recorded in watts Wp for small-scale projects, kilowatts kWp for domestic-scale projects and megawatts MWp for utility-scale projects. Convert MWp figure into kWp by multiplying it by 1,000 or convert Wp figure into kWp by dividing it by 1,000. For example, solar project developer BrightSource Energy’s gross 392MWp Ivanpah thermal solar plant = 392,000kWp.

To calculate true amount of energy project will generate, multiply peak rating by capacity factor for solar, which BrightSource Energy says is 20 percent for photovoltaic solar panels and 30 percent for solar thermal projects. For example 392,000kWp x 0.30 = 117,600kW. Convert kW of electricity produced into pounds of avoided emissions as such 1kW of solar power = 2.2 lbs. of averted greenhouse gas emissions.

For example, 117,600kW x 2.2lbs = 258,720 lbs. of avoided emissions. Convert pounds of averted greenhouse gases into U.S.

tons by dividing figure by 2,000. For example, 258,720 lbs. or 2,000 = 129.36 U.S.

tons of averted emissions.

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How to Calculate Environmental Offsets of Solar Energy

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