Calculate Energy Per Acre for Solar Panels

The sun provides huge amount of energy as its rays touch the earth’s surface. But amount of energy that can be used, is another matter. Efficiency of solar cells, their arrangement, and the amount of sunlight they receive all affect their performance.

Before you decide whether solar panels are a good choice, you save money, determine whether you can fully power your home with solar panel power. Determine your solar cell efficiency. Amount of energy that can be taken in and converted into electrical energy per solar panel is its efficiency.

Calculate Energy Per Acre for Solar Panels

For photovoltaic solar cells, efficiency can reach about 19 percent. But for concentrated photovoltaic cell panels, or CPV panels, efficiency can exceed 40 percent. Whether you are creating your own panels or purchasing pre-made panels, determine efficiency per cell of panels you plan to install.

Keep in mind when choosing what type of panels to use that CPV panels usually require more work to set up, and more land, as they are designed to concentrate sunlight on specific panel. Size area for your solar panels. Determine how many panels can fit on your designated area while taking into account terrain, local construction laws and other spacing issues.

Solar panels come in several types and dimensions but, as example, 100-200W solar panels usually measure 1 square meter in size. Calculate energy per acre. On average, 1 square meter of solar panels directly exposed to sunlight will receive about 1 kilowatt hour kW or h of energy per hour for six hours it is exposed to effective sunlight, or 6 kilowatt hours of solar energy day.

One acre is approximately 4,046 square meters, so if you have acre’s worth of solar cells, then you will receive about 4,046 kilowatt hours of electricity each hour, or 24,276 kilowatt hours day. Multiply energy you receive by efficiency of your solar panels to discover how much usable electricity you can yield. If your solar panels are 19 percent efficient and you receive 24,276 kilowatt hours day of solar energy, then you will receive about 4,612 kilowatt hours of usable electricity through solar energy.

Subtract your maximum potential energy needs from amount of energy being produced. You can find out how much energy you use by looking at past electric bill or calling up company that services your electricity directly. But for general idea, average American family uses about 920 kilowatt hours of electricity per month.

So if you produced approximately 4,612 kilowatt hours of usable electricity per day, you would produce enough energy in day to run four average households for month.

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How to Calculate Energy Per Acre for Solar Panels

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