Calculate Cost of Solar Panels for Your Home

With rising costs of energy, many people are looking to alternative energy sources, such as electric cars. You also have options when it comes to energy for your home has to offer. One of these options is solar energy. to install

initial cost of the solar system can be very expensive, but it pays finally for itself over time. Calculate to see the initial cost, whether it would benefit you consider before switching to solar energy. Calculate average amount of electricity per day.

Calculate Cost of Solar Panels for Your Home

Look at copies of your electric bill for past 12 months. Add up total number of kilowatt-hours used in past year and divide number by 12. Take that number and divide it by 30 to get your average requirements per day.

Divide your average Kwh per day by number of available daytime hours available to use sun. For example, divide daily average by 5.5 hours of sun. Multiply that number by 1.5 for waste in wiring and other components and you will get total number of watts needed each day or minimum capacity solar panels must produce.

Multiply total required wattage per day by cost of solar panels. This total changes frequently. To arrive at total watts needed, use this example calculation, 1,000 kWh per month divided by 30 gives you 33.33 kWh per day.

Divide daily average by number of sunlight hours and multiply by 1.5 to get total watts needed per day. Take 33.33 divided by 5.5 times 1.5 = 9.09 kW or 9,900 watts needed each day. At time of publication, installing 80-watt panel shows cost of $2 per watt.

Multiply 9,900 watts times cost per watt with total cost being $19,800. Check with Department of Energy to see what current tax credits are on installing alternative sources of energy, or check with local incentives in your state.

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How to Calculate Cost of Solar Panels for Your Home

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