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buy solar power, can your need for power to reduce or eliminate, and cleanest form of electricity available. It should also last for years if you buy system manufactured and designed to handle peak flow times from quality components. average solar buyers can build system in a few hours.

analyzing energy requirements of your building. Add up wattage of each device or the device needs to calculate your maximum peak consumption. Logging use of these items, and how often they are used, you can give accurate power chart.

Buy Solar Power

solar system should be designed to produce 25 percent more power than is required during peak usage. Determine how many batteries you will need to generate amount of power needed. Batteries are rated by amp-hours, and connecting them in parallel can increase this total while keeping voltage constant.

Ten deep-cycle marine batteries can generate about 100 amp hours, which is enough for modest home. Buy these batteries at battery dealer, as opposed to auto parts store. Battery dealers usually have fresher batteries, filled with sulfuric acid only days before they are sold or at time of sale.

Buy enough solar panels to fully charge battery banks in one day of full sunlight. Expect that over time battery bank’s charge will diminish. Connecting panels in series will increase their total output.

There are many different types of panels on market, but they all have output rating listed in watts. This amount should be more than average constant usage, to provide charge to battery bank. With current technology, it is possible to place four or five large more than three-feet-long panels on roof of house and have it charge bank of ten 12-volt batteries. Install inverter.

inverter should convert 12-volt DC current into 110-volt AC current, and be rated to produce 25 percent more wattage than total peak usage of building. Connect it to positive and negative terminals on battery bank, and use standardized socket on inverter to power outside fuse box of building with extension cord or suitable wiring. quality of inverter is crucial, and ishould be true sine wave type.

This will give cleaner power than cheaper models found at retail box stores.

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