Buy Solar Panel Charge Controller

If you go solar, whether from the grid whole house is gone solar or you just want some backup for your RV, you will need solar panel charge controller. Solar panel charge controller you can monitor your battery charge and avoid overcharging and discharging. Here’s how solar panel charge controller to purchase that is right for your application and budget.

Analyze Your Solar power consumption. If you care home with solar power, you will use more sophisticated charge controller than if the power supply electric fence for livestock. Determine what features are important to you.

Buy Solar Panel Charge Controller

Decide if digital display is important to you, and take into account placement and design features, especially if it will take prominent place in your living area. Decide proper amperage controller for situation. Choosing proper controller will increase battery life and therefore keep replacement costs down.

Make sure your controller is compatible with your battery system. Most solar panel charge controllers are designed for 12-volt battery systems. Make sure one you choose is for your type of system.

Set budget. Knowing that your panels are your most costly item in your system, keep in mind not to scrimp on your charge controller. This piece of equipment helps protect you from costs of replacing batteries in your system.

Expect to pay anywhere from 30 to 500 dollars depending on features, intended use and brand.

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How to Buy Solar Panel Charge Controller

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