Buy Solar Energy Stocks

Today renewable energy market is driven by the cost of oil and the threat of fear of oil shortages increase. Solar energy is a form of renewable energy, the potential for growth. Some experts suggest the market may still be bullish.

Get on investing in action by following the tips for the solar energy stocks. Minimize your risk by identifying successful green mutual funds that invest in various forms of renewable energy, including some solar stocks. Examples of such agents are: New Alternatives Fund NALFX and Winslow Green Growth Fund WGGFX.

Buy Solar Energy Stocks

Focus your investments on companies involved in production of integral components of solar energy, such as silicon, wafers and cells. Check out silicon producers in America, such as SunPower Corp. SPWR and Evergreen Solar Inc.

ESLR . Seek out companies that make solar cells using thin layers of photovoltaic materials. Two companies focusing on this technology include Energy Conversion Devices Inc.

ENER and First Solar Inc. Explore overseas producers of solar parts. Sun Tech Power Holdings Co. Ltd.

STP and Q-Cells are both solar cell producing companies. Sun Tech is located in China and Q-Cells is German company.

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How to Buy Solar Energy Stocks

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