Buy Right-Size Air Conditioner

Size is important consideration when buying air conditioning. People believe that bigger is better, but that’s not necessarily case. Purchase unit sized to properly and efficiently cool your room.

unit too large waste of energy, and too small unit does not perform task. Determine which room you are buying air conditioner. Before you can buy right size air-conditioning, find out which room you are shopping for.

Buy Right-Size Air Conditioner

Know your room’s square footage. Measure how large your room is. Guessing your room size once you’re in store can cost you in long run.

If you guess incorrectly, you may end up with too weak or too powerful unit. Refer to rule-of-thumb formula. Here’s rule of thumb for calculating size of your air conditioner.

Room size 100-250 square feet, Air conditioner size 5000-6000 BTU Room size 250-400 square feet, Air conditioner size 6000-8500 BTU Room size 400-550 square feet, Air conditioner size 8000-11000 BTU Room size 550-875 square feet, Air conditioner size 11000-15000 BTU Consider room’s characteristics. If you are buying air conditioner for room with high ceilings and lots of sun exposure, you then need more powerful air conditioner than for room with lower ceilings and no sun exposure. Buying right size air conditioner is more than just room square footage.

Sunlight, airflow, number of people occupying room and temperature preference all play part.

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How to Buy Right-Size Air Conditioner

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