Burn Camera Pictures to CD

A digital camera has a flash memory containing the images you take. the camera is connected to the computer specialized software allows you to view, manipulate, and delete images. However, most of the cameras when connected to the computer act as removable flash drive on your computer, so you can transfer images directly from the camera to your CD-ROM burning software with internal Windows.

Connect camera to the computer. When connected, the computer automatically recognizes the device. camera software can even load automatically.

Burn Camera Pictures to CD

You can close or minimize camera software. Double-click My Computer icon on desktop. You will see new drive designated as removable disk.

Double-click it to list images on your camera. Insert blank CD-ROM disk. Windows automatically opens dialog box used to configure CD-ROM-burning window.

Select Open writable CD folder using Explorer and press OK. This opens window that represents CD-ROM. Highlight camera images on flash drive using mouse.

Drag and drop images you wish to copy to CD onto Explorer window opened in step 3. Continue dragging and dropping files until all images are copied to Explorer window. Click Write these files to CD button.

dialog box opens where Windows prompts you for drive label. This label represents name of CD. Enter name and click Next.

images are written to CD-ROM. When operating system finishes, CD-ROM drive door opens.

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