Burn Calories to Lower Cholesterol

To maintain healthy lifestyle, having low cholesterol and normal blood pressure is very important. Maintaining healthy lifestyle in terms of low cholesterol levels helps prevent life-threatening diseases such as heart disease and stroke. It can lower cholesterol levels artificially, by using prescription from doctor, or you can take route do-it-yourself, which involves burning calories using more natural methods.

Combine aerobic and strength exercises. Stand erect, with separated normal feet wide and squat up and down 10 to 20 times, two or three series, two to three times week. Do two or three sets of 20 push-ups day.

Burn Calories to Lower Cholesterol

Make your body perpendicular to ground, with your hands two to three feet apart and push yourself up and down, keeping your body straight. Do jumping jacks. Stand erect and jump in air, spreading your legs and arms as you go up and bringing them together as you come down.

Do four to five sets of 20 jumping jacks. Go speed walking. Warm up by walking at normal pace, and then gradually increase your speed.

Speed walk as far as possible and long as you can. Do step exercises to put your heart to work, thus burning calories. You can use stairs in your home.

Go up and down several steps. Do this exercise for two to three sets, 20 steps each set. Do this two to three times week.

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How to Burn Calories to Lower Cholesterol

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