Build Your Own AC Electric Solar Panels

To build AC Solar panels must be installed connected in weatherproof housings and in series. The cells are very different in price, although it is possible to buy batches of seconds. This will reduce costs, but they may contain some defective cells.

cells have to be soldered together with tabs, which can not be bound or not. Once completed, these panels produce DC DC and require to change AC inverter power AC. to build solar panels, is labor intensive, but savings are substantial.

Build Your Own AC Electric Solar Panels

Calculate amount of power to be generated. If there is continuous load to be supplied, that would be base. Then add other loads which could be drawing power at same time.

Add up watts to get total. Determine which solar cells to purchase, taking into account total power needed. Buy factory seconds or damaged cells, if reducing costs is important.

Consider increased work required to test each cell. Buy cells with tabs attached, to reduce soldering work. Decide on solar cell arrangement in each panel.

small panel might contain 36 cells and generate 18V DC. large panel might contain 240 cells and generate 120V DC. Determine configuration of panels.

total rated power of panels should be equal to power to be generated, at least. Build weatherproof enclosures. These consist of shallow box with plywood back and boards around edge, giving depth.

This is just enough to accommodate solar cells.

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How to Build Your Own AC Electric Solar Panels

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