Build Water Solar Panels

Heating water with solar energy makes sense economically and ecologically. Variations on water solar panels are used around the world. You can buy all the components to make your own.

You can also collect recycled materials and build fully functional panel. It’s fun project that can produce very good results at low cost. Cut back coil of the refrigerator from its base with bolt cutters.

Build Water Solar Panels

coil will be your heat collector. Lay heat collector on ground and position four wood strips around it like frame. size of refrigerator coils will differ, but usually these are 17 inches wide and 30 inches long.

If you are using same size coils, then use two 24-inch and two 36-inch wood strips to make frame. Nail wood strips together to make rectangle. Make another frame same size as first.

Cut two notches in bottom of one slat of one of wooden frames that you made. These notches are for outlets for entry and return lines to collector. Use saw and cut 1-by-1 or 2-inch slots in wood.

Layer all components of solar panel together. Lay wooden frame with notches on ground. Then lay rubber mat on top of it.

Then put down piece of aluminum foil above rubber mat. Put heat collector over foil and then lay second wooden frame on top. Attach heat collector to rubber backing so it won’t fall off.

Attach it with brackets, nailing them in with hammer and nails.

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How to Build Water Solar Panels

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