Build Solar Powered Items

The construction of solar-powered devices is fun and enjoyable project for anyone of any age. To build solar-powered device, you must first collect some information on device, which is powered by solar panels. Then use the information gathered to create solar-panel configuration, the required energy to the device provides.

It does not matter whether the device is large or small, as long as power requirements are met. Look at the power consumption label on the device that you want to provide power for disposal. You need to know what voltage, current and power for equipment.

Build Solar Powered Items

Some devices only give you voltage and wattage. If that is case, then divide wattage by voltage to get current. Look to see if this is DC device or AC device.

DC device can be powered directly from solar panel. AC device must use power inverter. In case of power inverter, inverter wattage must meet or exceed wattage of device and solar panel must be able to supply power required by inverter.

Look at DC powered device. If device requires 1 amp and 24 volts, power requirement could be met by connecting two 12 volt 1 amp solar panels in series. This is done by connecting one of positive terminals from one solar panel to negative terminal of second power panel.

Power for device is then taken from remaining two terminals. Look at AC powered device. device is usually plugged into inverter and positive and negative wires of inverter are connected to positive and negative terminals of solar panels.

inverters usually are 12 volt inverters. important part for inverters is current requirement. Inverters can use lot of current which will require that solar panels be wired in parallel to increase current output.

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How to Build Solar Powered Items

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