Build Solar Powered House

The construction of solar-powered house requires different planning and different approach to the construction of other types of homes. For solar-powered home a positioning of the house has to look at the most energy from the sun to get. Also you need to consider how solar energy components will be integrated into the house.

Where batteries, solar voltage regulators, power management electronics and solar water heaters are to place concerns. They are also different types of contractors have to build your house. Everyday electricians, plumbers and carpenters can not.

Build Solar Powered House

Find out solar zoning regulations for your city, county or state. Contact your local government and find out necessary building requirements for solar home in your area. Find out about any restrictions for generation of electrical energy on your property.

Also ask about any necessary permits to connect your solar power source to local energy grid. Gain approval for overall design of house. Some solar houses may be rejected because they do not fit in aesthetically with neighborhood.

Select solar home plan. Review different solar home plans that are available. Look first at climates they are designed for.

If they are not designed for climate that you are in, rule them out. Next, examine environment they are designed for. Most require full sun to operate efficiently.

If your lot or your neighbor’s lot has shade trees, solar home plan may not work for you. In this case, consider different lot. Alternatively, consider construction of solar power plant shed in location on your lot that receives full sun.

Locate and hire custom solar home building contractors. First ask contractor about solar incentive programs. Some solar contractors will install solar power system for little or no cost.

In trade they lease you back solar energy at rate that is lower than your utility company. Reference one Set building date and commence building. Select spring and summer months to build.

Homes built in those months will often not suffer as many weather-induced delays as those built in winter and fall months. As your contractors build your home, consult with them on solar building codes. Double check plans against actual building design.

This will also help you better understand your solar home and maintain energy system in future. Call building inspector in to inspect solar house at various stages of your construction.

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How to Build Solar Powered House

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