Build Solar-Powered Battery Charger

You can use solar energy to charge your batteries. This is not just green practice, it may reduce electricity you use. The construction of solar-powered battery charger requires solar panel, blocking diode and battery holder.

All of these items can be purchased from electronic retail outlets. Connect the negative lead from solar panel to the negative lead of the battery holder. Connect ringed end of the diode to the positive lead of the battery holder to block. One end of the diode marked with ring.

Build Solar-Powered Battery Charger

This indicates direction of flow of electricity. solar power will flow through diode, past ringed end and enter batteries via holder. Connect positive lead of solar panel to other end of diode.

diode will now prevent flow of electricity from transferring back from battery to solar panel. Place solar panel in sun. Choose location that provides six to ten hours of direct sunlight throughout day.

You can place solar panel in window. However, outside location may be more effective. Place AA rechargeable batteries in slots of battery holder.

You must use rechargeable batteries. Alkaline batteries will not hold charge.

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How to Build Solar-Powered Battery Charger

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