Build Solar Power Unit

It is generally known that the sun is the most powerful energy source. small items to run in your home, such as TVs, cameras, lights and other equipment during inventors invent cars operating with solar power try, you can make your own solar power plant unit. Your own solar power unit building can be fun project for you, and after the project, you will also save on energy costs in the end.

Get solar panel. Select either buy it or make it. You should be able to get a 12 to 16 volts at price less than $ 100.

Build Solar Power Unit

Buy rechargeable batteries, preferably acid or gel batteries and battery box for safety purposes. Purchase 12-volt DC meter and DC input. If you would like to run electrical appliances with your solar power unit, then purchase inverter, as well.

All of these materials should cost you less than or about $300. battery cover should not cost you more than $10, and DC meter and input should cost about $75. Use drill and screws to join meter with DC input.

Both of these parts will be attached in space above battery case. Connect meter with insulated wire to terminals of battery. Touch and manage each wire separately, and attach negative poles before positive ones to battery.

Attach DC inlet and battery in identical manner. Attach solar panel to battery in same fashion. Shut top cover of panel.

Ensure that it is tightly closed. Seek aid of cords, rope or any other material that you feel will enable solar panel to remain securely shut. Place solar panel in direct sunlight for charging purposes.

duration to charge completely dead battery ranges from five to eight hours. To charge weak or dying battery, charging duration should range from one to three hours. You may use this solar power panel to boil water or operate appliances such as fans, radios or lights. You may even use it to run your air conditioner for five-hour period, provided that it is run at 115 volts.

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