Build Solar Power Kit

Solar power technology uses energy from the sun and converts it into usable energy source. There are different types of solar power technology, including solar panels, solar water heaters and solar oven – all of which ability to turn solar energy in completely free and inexhaustible source of fuel. Consumers interested in using or even over, can get solar energy to build their own solar power unit on the market with one of the many available solar power kits available.

purchase solar power kit. to dictate your purpose for the construction of solar power kit Kit type and price range. For example, very basic solar energy educational materials to buy for students, from December 2010 online less than $ 10.

Build Solar Power Kit

However, if kit is being constructed to take home or business off grid meaning, making facility or home unreliant on electricity being provided from power plant , kit could cost several thousand dollars. In fact, One-Megawatt Commercial Solar Power Kit that can provide enough free power for large factory can be purchased, as of December 2010, for $3.6 Million. This may seem like hefty price tag, but keep in mind, you’ll never have another power outage or bill again.

Plan for amount of voltage output you would like to generate. Depending on your kit, you may have to purchase all or additional solar cells to install on your solar panel. Your panel must have enough cells to generate and output amount of volts you desire.

Generally, standard 3 x 6 cell outputs 0.5 volts, so in order for your panel to generate 18 volts equal to power of car battery , you will need to attach 36 cells to panel. Create solar panel using sheet of plywood large enough accommodate all of your solar cells. For example, if you lay 36 cells in six rows of six cells, you’ll find that measurements for this arrangement are 18 x 36 .

Following this example, you should cut your plywood into approximate 18.5 x 36.5 sheet. additional half-inch makes room for you to screw Plexiglas cover in place. Wire solar cells together.

For example, if you are arranging 36 cells in six-by-six arrangement, you will need to wire row of six cells together. Each cell has two wires attached to back, and you will use your soldering iron to tack these two wires to identical wires on next cell, you’ll continue in this manner until you have six cells attached in row. Continue until you have six rows of six cells.

Place nickel-sized dab of silicone caulk on back of each cell and carefully lay each row into place on board. Continue gluing each row into place until all six rows are evenly aligned, with two remaining wires for each row at bottom of each row. Allow caulk to dry and set as recommended by on-label directions.

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How to Build Solar Power Kit

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