Build Solar Power Inverter

Inverters are used to convert AC AC DC DC. most power inverters convert to 110 volt AC power for 12 volt DC. These devices are commonly used in automobiles and other vehicles.

solar power inverter used to supply needed solar cells and modules 12 Volt inverters. This configuration would allow power inverter be very portable, increasing number of places where they could be used. Cut ends of red and black power cord on 12 volt side of the inverter.

Build Solar Power Inverter

Strip off half inch of insulation on both wires. Connect two solar panels together as follows Connect red positive wire of solar panel #1 to red positive wire of solar panel #2. Connect negative black wire of solar panel #1 to negative black wire of solar panel #2.

This places both solar panels in parallel. Connect red positive wire of inverter to two red positive wires of solar panels. Then, connect black negative wire of inverter to two black negative wires of solar panels.

Use plastic twist caps to cover each wire splice. Place inverter and solar panels in direct sunlight. Set up voltage meter or digital voltage meter to read voltage.

Check output voltage at AC socket on inverter. Depending on amount of light, voltage meter should read between 90 and120 volts.

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How to Build Solar Power Inverter

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