Build Solar Panels

With increasing scarcity of fossil fuels, many people start to look for alternative energy sources. largest source of fuel has mankind sun will always be ever known. When any nuclear weapon should be detonated in the world at once, collective explosion would produce less than thousandths of energy generated sun every second.

For this reason, it seems obvious that solar power is our best chance on the solution of the energy crisis of the planet. It is quite possible person to create their own photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. Now those who have any ordinary person can make it not as strong as those that are made of silicon by far.

Build Solar Panels

But they work on same principals and should prove useful in increasing awareness and understanding regarding solar energy. This is guide on how to make your own solar panels. Use sandpaper to scour clean every portion of copper of one of sheets. There can be absolutely no corrosion on copper for this procedure.

Then wash copper sheeting with soap, water, and either paper towels or sponge. You can’t let oil from your hands get on copper. Towel copper dry, taking care not to touch it directly.

Use your tongs to place copper on hot plate. Turn hotplate on as hot as it will go. Cook copper at red hot heats for half hour.

thick black layer of oxides should form on copper’s surface. Make sure not to leave copper unattended while it cooks. The oxide layer and copper underneath cool at different speeds, causing two to separate.

This can be violent and send hot cupric oxide flying, so be careful no to get to close or leave anything particularly flammable nearby. it should take another twenty minutes to cool to room temperature. Wash copper carefully in plain water.

This is just to get most of black pieces off, what we need to stay on metal is red layer of cuprous oxide that is formed beneath layer of cupric oxide.

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How to Build Solar Panels

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