Build Solar Panels for Electricity

With energy prices on rise, your own solar panel construction is economical, smart and rewarding way to produce your own electricity. Construct your own solar panel can be completed in a few simple steps. Cut your plywood to fit dimensions of the array of solar panels needed.

For array of 36 solar panels of 3 inches by 6 inches monocrystalline share of space between the cells, you will need plywood board by 45 inches by 24 ¼ inch thick by 3 or 8 inches. Please note that cells must use the same size – dont mix sizes on the same plate. With wood glue and wood screws, attach 4 strips of ¾ inch by ¾ inch wood along the outer edges of plywood.

Build Solar Panels for Electricity

This will provide shallow panel box for solar cells. Drill holes in bottom rail of ¾ inch strip for ventilation, pressure equalization, and to allow moisture to escape. Holes must be in bottom rail only.

Run strip of vent tape over holes to prevent dust and bugs from entering panel. Cut peg-board to fit within panel box. Cut plexiglass to same dimension as your sheet of plywood.

plexiglass should rest on top of your ¾-inch railing. plexiglass should NOT lay inside of railing. For now, set plexiglass aside for later use.

It will be attached after solar cells have been constructed.

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How to Build Solar Panels for Electricity

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