Build Solar Panels for Beginners

Solar panels on the larger scale can be very expensive to buy and challenging to build on your own if you go this route. However, you can still solar panels on a smaller scale to power to do something as light meter or simply use as a science lesson. Go For beginners, this route is preferred so anyone can understand uninitiated, such as solar panels work to generate energy from the sun.

All you need are a few simple materials and less than an hour of your time. Go to your local hardware store and buy half-square-meter piece of copper. Hardware store for you from copper sheet cut it.

Build Solar Panels for Beginners

Turn on one ring on your stove to its highest temperature. You may want to use portable one-burner hotplate for this, but it depends on whether you want to work with science project on your kitchen stove. Cut down your sheet of copper using metal shears into square shape to fit dimensions of your stove ring.

Use your kitchen sink to wash piece of copper so it’s clean of any residue. Place piece of copper on heated ring. Watch various colors that start to materialize on copper as you let it sit and heat.

First, you’ll see red-colored shapes appear on top of copper. This means it’s oxidizing. Continue to watch copper heat and develop black oxide coating that will eventually flake off on its own and with your help.

Keep piece of copper on ring for another half hour.

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How to Build Solar Panels for Beginners

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