Build Solar Panel House for School Project

If you are looking for green project for science class or for the school science fair, consider project compilation showing energy-building potential of solar panel house. During the construction of actual solar panels for home expensive components and some specific scientific knowledge requires, you can mimic solar panels for school project with some basic elements. Even if solar modules in real contain model home not the same elements and home solar panels in your projects, they react to sun and save energy in a similar way.

Create, so that it is taking small model of the house through any kind of cardboard, like shoe boxes, fitting lid to provide cover and the poster board cowling approximately equal in length to chest length and 2 or 3 inches wider than Box width , Bend Poster board triangular shape as to provide normal pitched roof, and attach it to box on ceiling with tape above. Make door on one side of the model house of 2- to 3-inch slit on the bottom edge of the box cut with utility knife, cut into slices of 3 to 4 inches from one end of the slot you created, and then cut back on Box 2 to 3 inches to cut three-quarters of the rectangle.

Build Solar Panel House for School Project

door should still be attached on one side, allowing it to swing open and closed like regular door. Cut out windows, so that one large window is on one side of house and other sides have only small windows. Create either square or rectangular windows by cutting around perimeter of windows and completely removing cardboard from that area of box.

Cut pieces of plastic wrap large enough to cover windows and tape plastic wrap down flat against box, making sure plastic wrap is completely sealed around edges. Add insulation to interior of house. Cut insulation so that it fits on all of walls of house and ceiling, but does not cover windows or door of house.

Tape insulation to walls and ceiling of house. Create solar panels by getting several small metal pans and painting them black. Make sure entire pan is covered with black and no silver shows through.

Let pans dry completely.

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How to Build Solar Panel House for School Project

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