Build Solar Hot Water Panels

If you have some carpentry tools, you can solar hot water heater with materials you probably already build at home have. If you live in a sunny location, it is to save way on your energy costs. simply connect solar heating your hot water heater and use the water to run small pump.

coil is to be installed in water heater, such as heat exchange to act and circulated to use Frost as liquid For colder climates, variation of this principle. Cut plywood to the dimensions of the plate. Panel can be any size that you want, but larger, more hot water you can produce.

Build Solar Hot Water Panels

Cut lengths of 1-by-4-inch lumber to make box around perimeter of plywood, then set these around plywood and attach them with screws. Spread bead of silicone caulk around inside perimeter of box to make it airtight. Cut piece of drop-ceiling insulation, using utility knife, to inside dimensions of box, then set it in place on bottom of box.

Cut lengths of 1-by-2-inch lumber to place around inside perimeter of box on top of insulation to hold it in place. Screw these to sides of box. Unroll tinfoil and set it over insulation, completely covering it.

Drill two holes in sides of box to serve as inlet and outlet for copper coil. Use spade bit that is about 1 or 8-inch larger in diameter than copper tubing. Unroll long length of copper tubing and bend it to form coil.

length of each strand of coil should be shorter than inside length of box, and number of strands will depend on how many you can fit in box. only limitation is that strands have to be far enough apart so that you don’t kink copper while bending it to fit.

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How to Build Solar Hot Water Panels

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